Almond Joy Cookie Dough Bake

This weekend was sweet! I spent my Sunday making cookie dough, chocolate ganache, and my mother’s dulce de coco (coconut bake). All this into one baking dish, pure joy! Even though I am not a big fan of coconut desserts, I can’t resist my mother’s dulce de coco. It’s the easiest dessert you will ever make. The coconut gives in to the condensed milk and it becomes a sweet almost caramelized “cobbler” of goodness.

The dulce de coco got an upgrade once I turn it into “Almond Joy Cookie Dough Bake”. It was difficult for me to narrow down how I was going to incorporate Lindsays eggless cookie dough into a recipe. There are so many options and recipes that could be turned into cookie dough goodness. Remember the creme brûlée? my decision became clear after a few passes of her “millionaire cookie dough bars”. It had me thinking of bars, then candy bars, and then my thinking went tropical: Almond Joys 🙂

You can make this dessert overnight, or a few hours before your event. It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and I guarantee there won’t be any leftovers. And just like those little almond joys, this “bake” isn’t overly sweet. Yes, there is ganache and cookie dough topping the coconut but it all worked. Each bite gives you each layer of flavor.

I had such a great time looking through Lindsay’s book “Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook” and seeing all the things she’s made. It truly get’s your wheel spinning on all things cookie dough. I recommend you get if you love having cookie dough (duh), or want something fun to have in your collection. I truly can’t wait to share this book with my nieces & nephews. I enjoyed this book so much, that I am giving one away! YES, you too can have this little gem in your hands. Just leave a comment below with what you’d like to add cookie dough to, and who you’d share these recipes with. Who’s the cookie dough lover in your life 🙂

Contest begins 6/21/12 8:00am CST- 6/25/12 11:59pm CST. The winner will be selected using the “true random number generator” by, and announced on Twitter, Facebook , and here! I’d call the press too if I could 🙂

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Almond Joy Cookie Dough Bake

* makes 1 (2qt) baking dish

“dulce de coco”

14 oz bag of coconut flakes sweetend
14 oz can of condensed milk
1 egg – room temperature
1 cup whole almonds
butter for baking dish
cookie dough

1 stick of unsalted butter– room temperature
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup of light brown sugar, packed
2 tbs heavy cream
1/2 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup of all purpose flour
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips

1 cup + 1/2 cup — of semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup of heavy cream
1 tbs of creme de cocoa
Dulce de coco

Preheat your oven to 400. Grab a large mixing bowl, add the coconut flakes, condensed milk, and egg. Mix until combined. Butter your baking dish, and spread the coconut mixture evenly in the dish. Bake for 15-20 minutes, just until the edges and top are golden brown. Remove from the oven, and let it cool to room temperature.

Using a sauce pan, bring water to a boil. Remove from the stove and drop in the almonds. Let them blanch for 1 minute. This is just to soften the almonds. Rinse and pat dry. Press the almonds into the cooled “dulce de coco”. Set aside

Cookie Dough

Using your mixer, mix the butter, and sugars until light and fluffy. Add the 2 tbs heavy cream, vanilla, mix. Lower the speed and add the flour, and salt. Make sure to scrap down the bowl with a spatula so everything is well incorporated. Now using your spatula, stir in your chocolate chips, and mix. Spread the cookie dough evenly across the cooled “dulce de coco”. Set aside.

Chocolate Ganache

Grab a large microwaveable bowl, add the chocolate chips and 1/2 cup of heavy cream. Microwave for 1 minute. Remove and whisk until the chocolate melts into a sauce. Add the creme de cocoa and mix.

Assemble— Pour chocolate ganache over the now cookie dough coconut mixture. Chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour before serving.