Twine Wrapped Christmas Trees

As I baked my way through Christmas this year, my usual. I wanted to do a little Christmas craft  I had pinned the Twine Christmas Trees from Thrifty Crafter. Did you read my secret? Did you catch my new addiction?…… Pinned.

I love Pinterest! Simply the best thing ever. I always used to just snatch a picture of something I liked online. Either style, a craft, an idea, anything, but now I can PIN it. Make my board and spend hours on this site. Life is good

And so after all my baking was done, I sat down at our dinning room table and got my craft on. It took me a couple of days, as I would work on them little by little. You can very easily do this craft in one day, so you can have these lovely trees by Christmas

Twine Wrapped Christmas Trees- Craft

3 foam cones:

3 7/8 in x 8 7/8 in (98 mm x 225 mm)
3 7/8 in x 11 7/8 in (98 mm x 301 mm)
4 7/8 in x 17 7/8 in (12.3 cm x 45.4 cm)

Hot Glue Gun

Lot’s of Hot Glue Sticks

1 roll of jute twine

1 piece of cardboard

Set up in an area that you can work comfortably, a table is best. I attempted to do the last large cone on my couch using a TV tray as my table. Bad idea, I got burned. So please stick to a well lit area and a large table.
Prepare your area: have available glue sticks at hand, a piece of cardboard to place your hot glue on, and the roll of twine of to the side and partially unrolled.
Unwrap the smallest cone first, place a small line of hot glue and place your twine. Try to get as close to the rim as possible

WHAT! You started from the bottom?! Yes, I started the way I start my Christmas Trees, bottom up. The original crafter started from the top. I found the bottom to be easier, as it allowed me to turn and wrap the tree.

when you get back around to the starting point, try to curve the twine around it then go over it.

As the glue cools but is still workable, pass your finger through it to remove any excess glue. Some of the glue will bulge in between the ribbons of twine, you need to flatten this by passing your finger through it. The glue will roll off and you’ll have a little pile of glue on your desk at the end of the craft. I sure did 🙂 . After you get over the starting point, it’s just a matter of glue and wrap. The easiest way is to have the twine rolled the way it’s curving. It will make the wrapping easier, so you follow the natural curve and it doesn’t get tide up.

Once you get in the groove it gets easier. Now how do you finish the top??? I froze for a second when I got there the first time. OH MY GOD, what do I do?

Okay so add glue all over the top, wrap the twine around the top once, then making sure you have loose twine ready, circle the twine freely over the top. Cut the end, leaving a little bit extra to tuck in. Once it’s all circled, push the twine in to the top and blow so the glue dries.

Now the monster tall one, isn’t that scary at all. I really was a little nervous at starting it, I didn’t know if I had enough twine. But it turned out I did 🙂 and so will you. Just start wrapping it the same way you did with the smaller ones. It will take a while but before you know it, you’ll be at the top.

Now, do a little dance, and place your little Christmas craft by your tree, on a table or even your dinning room table