It’s a Mad Hatter Kind of Day

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Oh the things I do to my poor dogs. Yes, that’s a DIY mad hatter hat, no it’s not for Diva. I just wanted a cute pic to send to you, my friends, in instagram when I completed this surprise. About 2 weeks ago, we did a bridal shower & bachelorette weekend for my little sister. I’ve been meaning to show you all how to make this, but life’s gotten in the way.

After the crazy busy weekend with my little sister, I spent this past weekend apartment shopping and relaxing. Trying to gather my energy up for the next few, even busier, weeks ahead of me. Got a trip next weekend, wedding task completion during that following week, wedding that weekend, move the following weekend, then thanksgiving. Did you pick up what I was putting down? Are you tired yet?

Okay so back to the hat. When we started planning for my sister, my oldest sister said she wanted to make a mad hatter for her. I thought it was a great idea, and searched the internet for templates. I hit the jackpot when I came across Hungry Panda Clothing site. This was it, it was on, where’s that hot glue gun?

Hope you all excuse the photos. After I made the hat, I took pics with boxes in the background. Then the weekend came and went, my sister took it back home with her, and it dawned on me! Wait, how could I not have taken a cool picture styled as a tea party. So I asked my sister to take a cool photo outside, above is what I received. I love her dearly, I want that mason jar with the handle.

DIY Mad Hatter

The Pattern from Hungry Panda Site
Hot Glue Gun w/ a couple of glue sticks
2 cardboard shoe boxes with lids or cereal boxes
Fabric to cover your hat- should be semi thick fabric
Spray Adhesive
Manila folder
Black Sharpie
Bobby Pins
Let’s do this.

First, print out the pattern. It will print on letter size paper, this is the size I used for my hat. Notice that each piece is labeled, make sure you keep track. If you continue to read Hungry Panda’s post on her DIY hat making, you may see that Annie had the tip of the hat facing the back. My hat its facing the front, so both tips are in the same direction (this was done by mistake 😐 but i like it)

Cut out each piece from the pattern and cut 2 of piece “C” (one with the center cut out as in the pattern), 1 of piece “A”, and 1 of piece “B”. I changed a bit the pattern of the hat, I decided that my cardboard was not sturdy, so that’s why I printed 2 of “C”. If you cardboard is semi thick then just use one. To make it easier, I just cut the tear drop shapes first and then folded the “teeth” and tab for piece “B”.

Mold your cardboard before gluing the fabric. Piece “B” should be round, this is the top of the hat. Piece “C” just mold the tip curving it up. The cereal box I used was not firm, so I was able to mold it without lightly wetting the cardboard, as Hungry Panda suggested. If you do wet the cardboard to make the molding easier, make sure it dries before applying the fabric.

Using the same patterns for the cardboard pieces, cut the fabric to those shapes. Note: Do not cut the “teeth” in the fabric, just the shapes. I left a little bit of fabric outside of the pattern so I could cut and shape as needed. I didn’t want to risk cutting to the exact size of the pattern, since this would leave some cardboard noticeable. Okay, so once you have all your fabric cut, place the molded cardboard in an opened box or go outdoors. Spray the cardboard (work with one piece at a time) with the adhesive spray. I coated the cardboard and then quickly placed the coordinating fabric on the glue. Shape the fabric to the cardboard and let dry before continuing to make the hat. Should dry within a few minutes.

(trust me it’s easier as you are doing the hat, as I’m typing it seems like a lot)

Alright time to hot glue this ____. NOTE: The tip of the hot glue gun will get hot, do not touch it. Hot glue, is well HOT when it first comes out! So be careful.

First glue together piece “B”, then glue this to piece “A”. If you find that this piece is giving you a hard time, try cutting out a smaller tear drop shape without the teeth. Once those two pieces are together, glue them to piece “C” with the “teeth”. Use the opening of piece “C” to push the pieces together to assure they are glued. Finally, glue the second piece “C” the one without the teeth to the bottom of the hat, covering the opening.

You should now have a hat glued together, now comes the fun decorating part. Start with the trim. Using the ribbon, begin to cover the trim from the top. You should start at the back of the base of what was piece “C”. (see picture below from Hungry Panda Site) Use small line of hot glue to glue your ribbon. You will need to fold the ribbon with your fingers and fill in where more glue is needed. Don’t worry if some extra glue is visible.

Sorry I was making the hat alone and hot glue sure dries quickly so I wasn’t able to take my own photos. Once you have the trim done, you can decorate to your liking. I used large feathers, a crystal button (to symbolize the ring) and a tag for the date.

To create the tag cut out a rectangle from the manila folder. Cut the edges of the rectangle semi round. Now with the sharpie, write the date or numbers you’d like. I added this touch to incorporate her wedding date on the hat and really make this a mad hatter hat.

Now to decorate, I glued the feathers first, then the mini bow I made from another ribbon, date tag, and finally the crystal button.

Wow, this was a mouth full. How do you wear it you say?? Easy, remember those bobby pins, hot glue some to the bottom of the hat. TADA.

All done! Go rock that mad hatter hat.