Puerco Asado Melt

You know what I love, when that little voice in my head that says “hey, girl why don’t you make this with that”. Okay so the voice doesn’t really sound like Ryan Gosling, more like a crazy lady running a mile a minute “omg, let’s put cherries and tomatoes in a jam, yes!!” and then “oh and let’s make puerco asado” then “slap it together w/ the jam, like a sandwich” then…

Yup, that sounds more like it. And that crazy lady was OH A ROLL, last weekend. Homegirl knew what she was doing. I made 3 great recipes, visited my first craft show, and we also made it to the Botanical Gardens “Chinese Lantern” Festival. Right before we left we chowed down to the sandwiches of sandwiches. I was able to marry the Cherry & Tomato Jam, and Puerco Asado! It was EPIC. You will not share this sandwich, and it will be difficult not to each more than one. This Puerco Asado Melt is a party in your mouth! You’ve got the acidity from the Mojo of the Pork, the sweet and spiciness from the jam, and the manchego cheese gives it a bit of a sweetness.

Now that I’ve enticed you with this sandwich, let me show you the rest of the weekend.

The craft show was held at an old Police station!! How cool is that.

I met the talented Beth from Parsimonia visit her blog . Loved meeting her and seeing her new mobile vintage shop. She has great style and was so sweet!! OH, and she also has an Etsy shop, check it out! I wanted to walk out with a bunch of stuff. And to my luck, darling Beth had an owl sugar bowl that I spotted the second I walked in. These owls I tell ya, they love me. He was missing the spoon but it didn’t matter, he was too cute to leave behind. I’m not sure what I’m going to use him for, probably just sit him up pretty on a shelve.

I also walked out with cute little bows for my niece. It took me 10 minutes to decide, there were so many adorable ones. It’s a little shop called Just Live, she’s on Etsy too. Visit her shop here . I kept admiring the headbands she had. I almost walked away with one but just don’t feel like I can pull them off. I gotta build that confidence, be hip! Oh!! And inside I saw this cute booth with handmade little creatures of clay. SO FREAKING CUTE!!! Look at the gnomes, I need a gnome in my life.

makes 6 sandwiches

4 lbs cooked Puerco Asado
8 oz manchego cheese- sliced thin, wax removed
Spicy Cherry & Tomato Jam
Fresh Loaf of Bread
Ready for a slice of heaven.

Butter a large grilling pan or sauce pan. Place some of the Spicy Cherry & Tomato Jam on a slice of bread. Place the slice on the pan to “grill” as if you were going to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Top the jammed sliced with some of the shredded Puerco Asado. Then add a few thin slices of Manchego cheese. Top with another slice of bread, and begin to press down with your spatula. If needed add more butter to the pan. You want a nice toast on the bread. Carefully flip the sandwich over. Toast the other side. If pieces of pork fall out just pop them back in. Once toasted (should be about 2 minutes on each side) remove, slice in half and enjoy.