Grilled Pears & Drunk Cookie Crumble

Look at that photo! Seriously, just look….drool. Okay I’ll stop. So we’ve been grilling every weekend! yes, almost every weekend. This is honestly the first time we’ve ever owned a grill. It’s our new joy, and it gives a chance for the man to get his cooking on. Last week Alex mentioned he wanted to try smoking a rack of baby backs, which I quickly agreed. I love me some yummy fall of the bone baby back ribs.

When Saturday came, I knew ribs were in our future. My brain started thinking of what to make for dessert. After a run walk in the park, I drove over Trader Joe’s. I still wasn’t sure what I was going to make but I knew it had to have fruit in it, then the show Extra Virgin came flashing in my head. They made grilled peaches with amaretto cookie crumble. Peaches aren’t in season yet, bummer, but I spotted a row of golden pears. I grabbed two and went on my way to the cookie aisle. I hastily passed the chocolate section. “Don’t get stuck in the trap, you are not here for chocolate! Cookies woman, cookies!!!” I repeated to myself. I must have walked that aisle about 4 times, and if you know how intimate Trader Joe’s is, I was imagining someone watching me and my crazy self. It was a toss up between the bistro cookies (biscoff type) or ginger snaps, I held both in my hands and the bistro cookies won.

We later purchased our ribs from a local butcher shop and headed home to cook. The minute I got a chance, I broke open the package of cookies. The first cookie popped out at me, it was cracked totally meant to be eaten. I was so happy I got these instead of the ginger snaps. As I munched on a few cookies, I was thinking of my inspiration and how they had mixed the amaretto cookies with amaretto. I had no amaretto at hand, but spotted a bottle of Grand Marnier. Perfect.

This is by far the easiest dessert I’ve ever made, it’s simple & fancy. It’s nice and refreshing to have with any cuisine. It’s like drinking wine while eating pizza, fancy! or holding your pinky out while sipping tea, fancy!

Grilled Pears with Drunk Cookie Crumble

2 lightly ripe pears
1 package of Trader Joe’s bistro biscuits (or Biscoff Cookies)
1/4 cup of grand marnier
Warm up your grill for 5-10 minutes. You want it to be in the warm/sear temperature, so the pears get grill marks quickly. Slice the pears in halves, and remove the centers using a melon baller. Once the grill is ready, placed the pear halves on the grill and let them sit for about 1-2 minutes, keep the lid open. Remove from the grill, set aside.

Grab a bowl and crumble the cookies (calculate about 2 cookies per half). I used the pestle from my mortar. Now, add a little bit of the liquor and mix until absorbed. Continue adding liquor until the crumbles are moist. Be careful not to over do it with the liquor, you want crumbles not mushy cookies. If you happened to add too much liquor mix in more dry cookie crumbles.

To plate: Place the halve of a pear on a dessert plate, top with the drunk cookie crumble and drizzle with honey before serving.